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The 2nd International Music Festival MIRROR IN THE MIRROR


The International Music Festival “MIRROR IN THE MIRROR” was set up for the first time in the autumn of 2015 in the honour of the 80th anniversary of Arvo Pärt - the master of contemporary classical music, one of the most widely performed composers in the world. The name of the Festival was taken from his famous composition with a similar name “Mirror in the Mirror” (“Spiegel im Spiegel”). The symbol of a “mirror” is very significant in the culture of the 20th and the 21st centuries, and this fact let expand the concept of the Festival and raise its importance to the level of an annual review of contemporary music.


This year the Festival is focused on the overview of composers from Baltic countries sharing common aesthetics. The masters of modern music Arvo Pärt and Giya Kancheli represent former Soviet republics that in the past were parts of a single country. Their younger contemporary Alexander Knaifel was born in St. Petersburg. Living now in Berlin and Antwerp, these composers are mostly associated with European culture to which also belongs Giovanni Sollima, “the frenetic experimenter” with “devilish charisma”, successful cellist, composer and professor of the National Academy of St. Cecilia (Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia) in Rome. He is known primarily as an experimenter discovering new infinite sounding possibilities for his musical instrument.


Estonian composer Urmas Sisask, another experimenter that is almost of the same age of maestro Sollima, created the so-called planetal solfeggio, in which nine notes have Latin names of Solar System planets, and invented special Keyboard of Universe.


Estonian Peeter Vähi is another new name for Russia, he graduated from the Tallinn Conservatory under Eino Tamberg tutelage.  His musical language comprises Oriental and Western, avant-garde and archaic, acoustic and electronic.


The City of Moscow is also the place of artwork of Pavel Karmanov, Alexei Aygi, Andrey Zelensky, Lyubov Terskaya and Dmitri Illarionov.


Anton Tanonov is the head of the Department of Composition of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Galina Grigorieva, the composer from Estonia and special guest of the Festival was invited in person by Arvo Pärt to participate in the Festival, she has also graduated from that Conservatory. During the Festival she is going to meet with the Moscow Conservatory students.


This complex polyphony of geographical, ethnic and artistic layers has been arranged as a single Event that will take place in the first half of October 2016. The music will be performed by leading Russian and Estonian musicians.


- Hortus Musicus ensemble (Estonia), artistic director - Andres Mustonen;

- Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta (Estonia), artistic director – Andres Mustonen;

- Chamber Choir of the Moscow Conservatory, artistic director and chief conductor - Alexander Soloviev;

- Tula State Choir, artistic director – Alexander Soloviev;

- Ensemble HELIjaKEEL (Estonia), artistic director - Diana Liiv

- String quartet PREZIOSO (Estonia)


Nadezhda Tokareva (violin, Slovenia), Tatiana Smelova (piano, Estonia - France), Iris Oja (mezzo-soprano, Estonia), Stanislav Malyshev (violin), Ludmila Gubkina (Lithuania, cello), Dmitry Plotnikov (bassoon), Marianna Vysotskaya (organ),Dimitri Illarionov (guitar), Boris Andrianov (cello), Edita Phil (flute), Denis Golubev (oboe), Elena Revich (violin), Evgueny Zhadanov (violin), Lev Serov (viola), Alex Choi, Ekaterina Lavrenteva (video art).



A. Pärt, G. Grigoriev, P. Vähi, G. Kancheli, A. Knaifel, C. Frank, U. Sisask, P. Karmanov, A. Tanonov, A. Aygi, A. Zelensky, L. Terskaya, E. Satie, G. Sollima, Dm. Illarionov




September, 25

The Small Hall of the Conservatory (19.00)


September, 29

The Znamenka Hall (19.00)


October, 1

The Great Hall of the Conservatory (14.00)


October, 1

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (20.00)


October, 5

The Scryabin Museum (19.00)


October, 10

The Moscow International House of Music (20.00)


Festival Initiator - Denis Golubev (oboe), the soloist of ”Kolobov New Opera”.


Festival Organizers - Moscow State Conservatory, Estonian Embassy in the Russian Federation, Foundation for Development of Creative Initiatives, Agency proMotion, Studio of Classical Music, MTÜ Kammermuusikud.

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